Re-invent yourself – Oti Adjei to sports journalists

Ace journalist Michael Oti Adjei

Ace journalist Michael Oti Adjei has urged colleague media men/women to equip themselves with knowledge and skills required to sustain and keep them relevant in the ever-growing trend of journalism.

Speaking as one of a three-member panel at the Accra edition of the Betway Sports Writers Conference held at the Alisa Hotel on Friday February 7, the celebrated journalist pressed home the need for journalists to refresh themselves with new developments in the profession and also welcome and adapt to new changes in the profession.

Oti predicted that the profession will go through a phase where more will be required of journalist than just writing and speaking.

He mentioned that while good looks, good writing skills and others are enough to get one a job in journalism currently, the situation could change in the near future.

“I also think that everyone here, whether you are already in it or now starting, re-invention of your personality is even more important. A lot of you will go through a phase where what you are doing now won’t be relevant in the next five years. If you don’t have different skillset to cope, you ‘ll be left behind”.

“I always tell the people I work with in TV that at some point there will be a younger, fresher, more handsome face, beautiful lady who shows up and may not be better than you but suit the demographics better. Somebody else will take your job. The way you remain relevant is if you convince the organization that you still have something to offer. So we should learn to re-adjust ourselves”, he said.

Stadium is your office

Oti Adjei appealed to journalist not to lose sight of their major objective when they visit game centres on match days.

He observed that sports journalist are most often distracted by conversations with friends and other things at the stadium.

He emphasized the need for sports journalists to show up at game venues in decent outfits.

“I also think that its important in how you appear personally. You go to the stadium, don’t look like a riff-raff. I always say that the stadium is your office. It doesn’t mean wear suit there but as much as you can don’t wear shorts because it’s unofficial unless it’s a weekend”.

Source: GhanaWeb

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