Massive Boost: California Fitness Center Supports Black Muscles

California Fitness center has come to the support of the national bodybuilding team of Ghana ‘the Black Muscles’, offering its gym to them to be used for free.

California Fitness Centre, which is considered as one of the best fitness centers can boast of modern fitness equipment in Acca.

The black muscles are preparing for their participation in this year’s Arnold Classic Africa to be hosted by South Africa from the 15th to the 17th of May.

The management of California Fitness decided to make their well equipped gym facilities available to the black muscles for their participation.

It’s a move aimed at giving the Black Muscles the support they need towards the tournament to be held in Johannesburg.

Speaking to the media, the president of the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association expressed his gratitude to the management of California Fitness for their support

He said “each year we struggle for the needed support to participate in international event with the lack of support in terms of cash, flight, accommodation, feeding, preparation, etc, so we are very much grateful to them for their kind support

We will like to use this as an opportunity to call on other cooperate bodies and individuals to come to our aid as we prepare to represent Ghana in the biggest multi-sport event on the Africa Continent”.

Ghana always does well in the Arnold. In the same event in 2018, Ghana was represented by 6 athletes.

All 6 won medals and with the overall winner of the event beeng a Ghanaian; Cyril Kofi Adja. Last year, Ghana sent 9 athletes ( 6 male bodybuilders, 1 Men’s Physique and 2 female bikini athletes), and made the country proud by winning 8 medals; 3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and placed 16th.

This year, Ghana will be represented by most of the nation’s finest in the sport, the black muscles, which comprises of 9 male bodybuilders, 5 men’s physique, 5 female athletes and 5 executives.

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