Manifesto Launch: Ghana Union Movement to offer Old Age benefits to Ghanaians

Story by: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah

Founder and Leader of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM),Rev.Christian Kwabena Andrew has expressed the party’s preparedness to support Ghanaians who are 60 years and above with retirement benefits irrespective of their profession to relieve them of economic hardships.

According to him, it is the duty of Government not to only provide pensioners with benefits after 60 years but should also support all elderly people above that age with some form of stipends to support them.

He emphasised “What should have been done is that, the elderly in society should be given some amount of money at the end of the month but this is missing in Ghana but when I am voted into office, I am going to cancel that and ensure that whoever is above 60 years is provided with something to live on”.

He maintained that these and other benefits would be funded from Visa fees Ghanaians pay to embassies and are subsequently denied.

“These countries make lots of money from Ghanaians and yet we are denied visas and still pay. When we are voted into office we will inform them of our plans to put up our own Visa centre in the middle of town, we will let them understand that if we are denied visas then there is no point for us to pay them any money even though we will follow all the requirements.” he observed.

Rev. Kwabena Andrew said this among other things at the launch of the party’s manifesto at the Odogonno SHS in Accra.

On the issue of employment, he said officials of government have used certificates as yardsticks for employment and denied many qualified Ghanaians from grtting gainful employment but his government will provide employment to each Ghanaian irrespective of his or her educational qualification.

“My party GUM, when we are voted into power will not use certifictes to give anybody job, once you are able to work we will get you a job to do. Certificates will not prevent anybody from working as is the case now. People have no jobs and the government is using that to deny them jobs.

On illegal mining, popularly known in local palance in Ghana as ‘galamsey’ he said his party will not discriminate between illegal/unpermited or permitted/legal mining but will provide an opportunity for interested people to mine but develop strategies such as planting trees among others to make the land useful again to help the younger generation to equally benefits from the land instead of criminalising mining people involved in mining activities.

he added”when my party is voted into power whether you have a permit or not we will allow you to mine”.

The presidential hopeful also took a swipe at President Akuffo Addo for superintending over corrupt government officials who are engaged in illegal mining and yet are trumpeting to fight the menace.

Ghana Union Movement(GUM), founded by the Head Pastor and General Overseer of the Life Assembly Worship Centre hopes to unseat the NPP in the Dec.General elections and revive Nkrumah’s ideas, projects for Ghana’s development.

The launch brought together some representatives from the clergy, party officials and sympathisers of the party from various parts of the country.

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